The TVIP S-box is one of the well-known STB boxes, especially in Sweden. It was built in the Stalker platform to deal with your IPTV memberships Channels and VOD over MAC address connection. TVIP is the same as the MAG boxes and some way or another copies the MAG box installed programming.

Please note: You want an IPTV membership to get channels and other content. On the off chance that you have not, placed one here

Install IPTV on TVIP

The Time Took: 6 minutes.

Figure out the process of bringing IPTV channels on TVIP.

Learn how to bring IPTV channels on TVIP?

1-Go to Settings

Start with the main menu, go to settings

2-Choose Content source type

After the setting opens you can find the TV icon in the right menu, select that icon. There you can find the content source. Change the content source to the web portal. Then click on web portal set up.

3-Set Web portal settings
Find the Portal URL and set it up (you can request the Stalker server address from your IPTV distributor)
Set Use Web Portal: Entire system and be certain Programming interface mode is: MAG ( in Old firmware you can pick GSTB rather than MAG )
Press  Apply
Attention : Your MAC address must be assigned to the server. Clients can allocate MAC addresses by the client dashboard or request your IPTV supplier to do it.

4-Wait to load the portal

After adding your entry server address, you need to wait for the portal to load the playlist. It could require a couple of minutes to do so.